Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogging and our Trip to Lake Itasca

Well, I've decided to start blogging since my husband, Tony (see doesn't feel like he needs to post anything about the family anymore. So, I'm going to use this to post happenings in our family and anything I feel like blogging about.

This picture is from our trip up to Lake Itasca where we got to walk across the headwaters of the Mississippi. We went with my mom and stepdad, Bob, and my nephews, Anthony and Zachary. We had a good time (although we should have stayed longer!). What a beautiful place!

Well, I will be posting more later. I just wanted to get something started!


julie haytt said...

Yeah Julie! You go girl. I will love love love to hear more. Love Julie

Doah said...

Sounds like a lovely place. I'd love to see it in person eventually. Glad you started blogging.

Cat said...

How funny! You go put Tony in his place! haha. You know, I've never been to Lake Itasca. Glad you had fun!