Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Visit

Our good friends, Shenandoah (Doah) & Chrisy Lynd, came out to visit this past weekend. It was so nice to see them and we had a wonderful time showing them around Minnesota. When we get together with them, I feel as though we can just pick up where we left off. It feels like we never left. I love that! We took them to see the Holidazzle parade in downtown Minneapolis. It was a really cold & windy night, yet they both braved it like troopers. (My kids, however, now that was a different story altogether!) We went down to the Walker Art Center and experienced a Frida Kahlo exhibit. Her paintings are very unique and it was neat to see such an extensive collection. On Friday night some good friends here in Minnesota watched all 3 of our kids (plus their 4!) overnight so we could go to a B&B in Stillwater. What a great night! We enjoyed a great dinner out, had some good times playing games, but best of all had some wonderful conversations.

The next day we (Tony & I) got to visit our first Harley Davidson store with Doah & Chrisy. They have family back in California that really love Harley Davidsons, so we stopped to get some stuff for them. What an experience! It was like a whole Harley Davidson culture! Anyway, we also took them to the Mall of America so that they could really experience what it's like. After a long day, we spent the evening playing dominos and just relaxing. What a great end to a great day!

Now that they are gone, I really miss them again. Not that I don't miss them all the time, but now I REALLY miss them! It was so great to laugh and be real with one another. They are great friends and now I really know that distance won't keep our friendship from lasting forever. Thanks, Lynds, for a wonderful weekend!!!!!


Doah said...

Wow! What a great post. I am honored. I was filled up with "warm fuzzies" as I read this one. Thanks for such a wonderful visit. You are a grand host. I love the pictures here too. Merry Christmas Julie, you're like a sister to me, better than a friend.

Chrisy said...

I love your post. It summed up our weekend perfectly. Some people also asked me if it was awkward seeing you again and I said the same thing you did, it was like I just saw you yesterday and no time had elapsed. I love that we can pick things up like that and it makes me realize even more than ever that nothing will stop us from being the best of friends forever. Thank you for being such great hosts. We had a blast. Love you