Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chelsea's first camp experience

Chelsea just got home after spending 5 days/5 nights at Girl Scout Camp. She went to Camp Singing Hills in Waterville, MN (about an hour south of where we live). She had a great time, but was definitely ready to come home. I have to admit that I was ready for her to come home, too. It was hard to have her gone and not be able to talk to her. I think it would have been much easier for me to have her gone, if I were able to find out how she was doing. Anyway, she did fine and only experienced a few bouts of homesickness. I'm very proud of her!

She went swimming almost everyday, went kayaking, made crafts, tried archery, had campfires and made lots of new friends. Her camp counselor said that she was really quiet at first, but after a day or so, really opened up and had a lot of fun. Chelsea went with her friend Natalie, who she knows from school and her Brownie troop. They both had a great time and I'm sure will have many memories for years to come.

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Doah said...

I am so glad you let her do this. It sounds fantastic. Thanks for having Wes this week. I know the faith required to let go of a child the way you did for Chelsea. Although, I'll admit, it's much easier when you are releasing into the hands of somebody you would trust with your life such as YOU! You're a good mom!