Monday, July 28, 2008

Cameron's 11th Birthday

I can't believe it, but my oldest son, Cameron, is now 11 years old. Time has really flown by and he's turning into a young man. It's amazing to think back on all the things that have happened throughout Cameron's life and I'm really proud of who he is becoming.

For Cameron's birthday this year, we had a family celebration on his actual birthday. It worked out that my dad was on a business trip the week of his birthday, and was able to fly in the day of Cameron's birthday. We went to the Mall of America to ride a few rides and have some lunch. Then, per Cameron's request, we had Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and a Dairy Cream Chocolate Extreme Blizzard Cake for dessert. What a yummy combination!!!! It was a nice day and Cameron was really happy to be able to have his grandpa out to celebrate with him.

Then, the following Monday, Cameron's friend, Wes, from California came out to visit for 10 days (he's actually still here). They have been having a wonderful time, but that is going to be a different post altogether. This past Sunday, July 27th, we held Cameron's actual birthday party at Grand Slam in Burnsville. At Grand Slam the kids could play unlimited lazer tag, miniature golf, bumper cars, do the batting cages and play in the arcade. All the kids had a wonderful time! We also had pizza, pop and an amazing chocolate cake (that I made!) :-) I think Cameron had a really awesome birthday. Happy 11th Birthday, Cameron!!!


Doah said...

It really warms my heart to see Wes in that picture there with his arm on Cameron's shoulder. I am so very happy that he could actually be there for the "actual birthday party" at Grand Slam. What a fantastic week for Wes to be out. But, this post is about Cameron and I want to say that your pride shines through in this post. You guys also did a great job at celebrating your son all week!

Cat said...

You have been tagged.