Tuesday, October 23, 2007

American Gothic House

We recently went down to Ottumwa, Iowa to visit Tony's birthplace and to meet some of his family on his Dad's side. It's about a 5 hour drive down there and, thanks to the DVD player in our van, was a relatively pleasant drive. Tony and I borrowed the Harry Potter 6 book on CD and listened to a bit of that on the way there and back. We also had a chance to talk and catch up on things. It was nice. We were only down there for a couple of days and we mainly spent it meeting family and spending time with them. We also got to make a trip over to the "American Gothic" house which is about a half hour from Ottumwa in Eldon, IA. They have a really cool visitor's center there and they even let you put on costumes (as you can see above) to reenact that famous painting. It was pretty fun. All-in-all it was a pretty decent trip. Someone did hit our parked car while we were down there, so that's a bummer having to get that fixed, but at least no one was hurt. One thing I can say about Iowa, if you haven't been there, don't worry about it. :-)


Anonymous said...

You can say that again Julie! Glad you had a fairly pleasant time.
Love Julie

Cat said...

I tried like twelve times to comment on this earlier. It wouldn't let me.

Anyways, yeah, Don wasn't overly thrilled with the Gothic house.

We really wanted to be there, I'm sure mom and dad filled you in.

If it wasn't for family in Iowa, I don't think I'd intentionally go there either.